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Rules for the KGEL Radio Photo Contest

(Send your photos to


1) Photographs should show what “Knowing God’s Extravagant

Love” could mean.

2) Please no entries of recognizable faces.

3) Submissions must be made by the person whose original work it

belongs to.

4) Entries may not contain the following: alcohol, drugs, or any kind

of illegal or inappropriate behavior. Entries that contain any

inappropriate material or recognizable faces will be disqualified.

 5) All email entries must be received by Midnight, January 4, 2020.

6) This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by,

or associated with Facebook. Any questions, comments or

complaints regarding the contest will be directed to KGEL, not


7) The winning photo becomes the property of KGEL Radio. KGEL

reserves the right to use photo submission any way they deem


8) We need at least 10 photos submitted to have a valid contest.

9) Five photos will be chosen by the governing board of KGEL as the


10) The five semi-finalist photos will be posted on the KGEL Radio

 Facebook page to be voted on by our listeners. Each

listener will be given only one vote. The photo with the most votes

will be the winner.

11) In case of a tie, The governing board of KGEL Radio will choose the tie breaker.

12) Photos will be available for voting on beginning January 11, 2020 until

midnight January 26, 2020 on Facebook.

13) Submissions will be accepted from October 1, 2019 to midnight

January 4, 2020. Any photo(s) submitted after January 4, 2020 will not

be eligible for the prize.

14) The winner will receive $50 through PayPal to your e-mail within

five(5) business days of the conclusion of the contest.

15) The governing board and Employees of KGEL radio along with board members of Laurelwood Academy Inc. are not elligable to enter this contest.